Hard Work by the Crew.

Friday was the first time the 'varsity has been in the boat Daily built last year. In the Yale race it was rowed with a starboard stroke, and thus had to be rebreed and rigged for the port stroke. It is cedar, light and quick.

On Friday the crew did not get out till very late in the afternoon. They went down into the Basin; and in spite of the rough water tried the hard, four mile pull back. The crew was made up as follows: Stroke, Perkins '91; 7, Kelton '93; 6, Vail '93; 5, Cummings '93; 4, Lynam M. S.; 3, Rantoul '92; 2, Powers '92; bow, Jones '92. Newell '94, regularly at bow, was in the launch.

The men are working hard over their individual faults, but much still remains to be done before it goes to New London. Stroke rows very smoothly but is apt to be slow in getting his arms straight on the recover. 7 starts his body too fast on the recover, is apt to drop at the full reach, start his slide too soon on the stroke and not handle his oar clearly. 6 lifts the boat in the stroke, rows short and feathers very awkwardly. He rows smoothly and improves in some of his work. 5 is apt to be very unsteady. He feathers under water, pulls his arms in too hard and swings across the boat. He has improved. 4 is steadily improving, but still has a tendency to be slow with his body at the full reach and let his slide go too fast in the stroke. 3 does not sit in the middle of the boat, lets his oar slide back on the water and rows the shortest of any man in the boat. 2 does not use his legs well in the stroke and is slow to start on the recover. Bow, Newell, is very slow at both ends of the stroke, particularly in getting his arms straight on the recover. The crew is slow in getting the arms away from the body, do not handle the oars cleanly and in the stroke shorten much on stroke and No. 7. All the men have a tendency to pull the arms into the body too hard.

Saturday in the Basin the launch picked up J. J. Storrow, Jr., '85, and R. Herrick '90. In company with Adams, L. S., they carefully watched the crew till it came in to the boat house.