Fact and Rumor.

A new porter has been appointed for Thayer Hall.

The cricket eleven is going to Medford today to play a one inning game with the Mystics.

H. C. Peabody, Gr., has been chosen secretary of the Classical Club for the ensuing year.

The Glee Club sang in the yard last evening, much to the delight of those in the college dormitories.

There were about 180 seniors present when the class photograph was taken yesterday. The freshman class turned out in large numbers.


Professor Hart will give a seminar on the geography of History 13 upon either Friday or Monday afternoon at 4.

A few changes have made in the freshman nine. Mackie has begun playing again, and Green has been put in to pitch.

W. B. Wright, Jr., Yale '92, has broken the Yale record for a half mile run in a private trial. The record was formerly 2 m. 3 2-5 sec. Wright's time was 2 m. 1 1-5 sec.

A committee has been appointed at Yale to carry out the resolutions of the senior class adopting the cap and gown for Commencement.

The captains of the Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Technology and University of Michigan football teams are all graduates of Exeter.

It has been finally decided that Harvard shall row Bowdoin on Friday. The race will be rowed about four o'clock in the afternoon. Bowdoin is to row the Crescents on Thursday.

Mr. Merritt, instructor in Physics at Cornell, has lately photographed the manometric flame,-something that has never before been successfully done.- Ex.

The Harvard Canadian Club has elected the following officers: President, C. H. McIntyre '91; vice-president, S. Calvert, Gr.; secretary and treasurer, E. Fulton '91.

Dissatisfaction is being shown at Yale at the publication of the Horoscope, a paper edited anonymously, which has recently made predictions about the social standing of prominent Yale men.

The usual announcement is made by the directors of the observatory that the observatory buildings will be opened to the senior class on June 1 from 2 to 6, and on June 2 the seniors will be permitted to use the large telescope from 8 to 10.

The two professorships, (1) Chemistry and Metallurgy (2) Physics and Mechanics, now vacant in the Missouri School of Mines of the University of Missouri, will be filled by an election on June 10. For further information address Thomas M. Jones, Rolla, Mo.

An English High School Association of Harvard has been formed. The officers elected for the coming year are as follows: President, W. G. Howard '91; vice-president, T. F. Patterson, Jr., '92; secretary and treasurer, J. W. Smith '94.