Special Notices.

HARVARD STUDENTS.- Mr. W. P. Williams, city passenger agent for the Sante Fe route, will be at The Tribune office, 3 Linden Street, over CRIMSON office, Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 7 to 9 o'clock for the next two weeks to consult in regard to transportation with students living in the West, who, at the close of the college year, expect to return home. He will be prepared to give full information, make all necessary arrangements and will freely give the benefit of his many years' experience in railroad work. An interview with Mr. Williams will save students much time and trouble and probably some money into the bargain.

BOTANY I.- Tutoring for the "Finals" upon Lectures and Laboratory Work.

N. B. POTTER, A. B., '90, 21 Trowbridge Street, Between Harvard and Main.mwfs

MRS. JULIA WARD HOWE discusses the "Boston of Fifty Years Ago;" Waifs from Harvard, Engagements in Boston Society, in Sunday's Boston Budget, for sale at Thurston's and Amee Brothers.

HISTORY 13.- Seminar, in two parts Friday. June 5th, 2.30-5 and 8-10.30 p. m., at 4 Stoughton. Given by two A men in this year's course. Special attentional paid to a review of Von Holst's Constitutional Discussions and to all territorial questions relating to slavery. A comparison of the leading authors of this period a prominent feature. 400 pp. lecture notes reviewed.


Terms, $1.50 for each part; $2.00 for both.

J. M. PERKINS. RALPH WOODWORTH. 4 Stoughton Hall.f m th f