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Communication from Yale.


The following letter, which appeared in the Boston papers yesterday morning has probably been already read by most of the undergraduates. A discussion of its character will be found in another column:

May 1st, 1891.

Dudley S. Dean, Captain Harvard B. B. C., Cambridge, Mass.:

DEAR SIR:- After thorough consideration we have decided that we cannot arrange a baseball series with you this year. Our reasons for this course are based upon your recent action in refusing to carry out the terms of your agreement with us.

When we met you at Springfield you made no mention whatever of any higher authority to which you must refer, and having given us your word that you would equalize matters by playing Princeton, we closed our arrangements with you, supposing that a signed agreement was sufficiently binding.

Had there been any prospect of interfernce or dictation from any quarter we should have been so advised, as we wrote you our position many weeks before.

After your return to Cambridge you cancelled your Princeton agreement entirely, and several important details of our agreement, and in regard to the latter, never so much as asking us our opinion of the change.

In answer to our letter soliciting a statement from you as to what you did want, you replied naming conditions which were thoroughly discussed both last year and this year and which you knew would not be acceptable to us.

We enter upon this course, therefore, in vigorous protest against the insecurityof any agreements made in this irresponsible manner, believing that it must be antagonistic to the friendly and satisfactory arrangements between the two colleges.


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