Yale and Harvard Freshman Nines.

The Harvard and Yale freshman nines will play their first game on Holmes Field on Saturday afternoon next at three o'clock. The Harvard freshmen have been playing a very unsteady game throughout the season, and it is impossible to predict anything concerning their work on Saturday. The Yale freshmen have been improving very steadily, according to all accounts. They had some very good material to start with and they have been working it up very carefully. Captain Calhoun of the 'varsity nine, who since his accident has been unable to do any playing, has given considerable time to coaching the the freshmen. Case, who pitched for Andover last year, will probably be in the box for them; and Bliss, McCormick and Rustin made reputations as ball players in their preparatory schools.

The members of the Yale freshman nine were lately criticised by the Yale News somewhat as follows:

George, catcher, good hitter, but only a fair backstop.

Walcott, first base, is good on low thrown balls, rather weak on a ball he has to jump for, poor thrower and poor batter,

Skinker, second base, does not cover enough ground, fair thrower, moderately good batter.

Eaton, short stop, inclined to fumble, fairly good thrower, poor batter, covers a good deal of ground.

Rustin third base, fumbles slow ground balls, is a good thrower, fair batter.

Bigelow, left field, good thrower, fair batter, very weak in backing up the the bases.

Bliss, centre field, good fielder, rather a poor batter.

McCormick, right field, captain, is a good thrower and a fair batter.

Jenkins, substitute, good fielder, good thrower, backs up well, a remarkably poor batter.

They have lately played Portchester, being beaten, 10-9; Southington, in which they were beaten, 17-16; Yale '93 consolidated nine, beating it, 7-0, and the Yale '94 consolidated nine, beating it, 10-1.

The Harvard freshman team averages nineteen years of age with an average weight of about one hundred and forty-five pounds, and as far as can be decided on at present will be made up of the following men:


P. Cabot, 3b., 18 142

J. Minton, p. 19 134