Special Notice.

TO LET.- For Class Day, the house and grounds 13 Bow St. Suitable for a spread. 91-tf.

TUTORING in Spanish I.

F. C. COMMONS, 18 Hollis.96-4t

FOR SALE.- Oak bedstead, bureau and wash stand, and two oak charis; also large desk table and revolving chair, curtains, etc. Apply at 42 Thayer. 99-2t

POLITICAL ECONOMY Ia and Ib.- I do not intend to give any seminars in Pol. Econ. I. I shall tutor men in sections.


J. A. BAILEY, 31 Stoughton.99 2t

THE HARVARD PORTFOLIO will be put on sale on Tuesday or Wednesday, of next week. Copies of all the cuts may now be seen at Thurston's, the Co-operative and at 14 Stoughton. In a day or two samples of the book complete will be shown and subscriptions received at the above places, at Memorial Hall, and at the Foxcroft House. All of the leather copies have been spoken for except fifteen. Students leaving town may have the book mailed to their home address at our expense. 0 3t

GERMAN 1a.- Seminars, Thursday, June 11, 2.30 p. m. Friedrich der Grosse and first part of Briggitta. 7.30, rest of Brigitta and The Star of Beauty. The difficult places in each will be carefully translated. Fee for each, $2.00.

F. W. DALLINGER. W. H. CUSHING. 43 College House.0 2t

FOR SALE.- A complete new bedroom set; bed, mattress, pillows, bureau, wash-stand, 2 chairs and crockery, $15. Apply to janitor of Weld.

THE photographs of seniors loaned to the publishers of the Portfolio will be returned, as far as possible, this week. Owing to a blunder of the workmen a number of the cards were mutilated. These photographs will be returned as soon as they can be obtained from Pach Bros. These photographs, in good condition, excepting that a part of the mounting card has been cut off, will be sold at a nominal figure at 14 Stoughton.