The Freshman Crew.

The freshman crew will start for New London this noon on the same train the 'varsity took. The requisite five hundred dollars has been raised by J. H. Morgan, the manager, and the outlook financially at least is better than with the freshman crews of several years past.

The race will come off, unless there is some reason for its postponement, on the 24th, and will be rowed in the sophomore's shell. The boat which Waters built for the freshmen, as was the case last year with the '93 boat, has proved unfit to row in.

As the 'varsity took the boat down with their own, the substitutes will go with the crew. A new set of oars has been ordered from Donahue for the race.

The men are in good condition and encouraged by the improvement which they have made late. S. D. Parker '91, will coach and have general charge of the crew and will probably be assisted somewhat by the 'varsity substitutes.

The crew will row as follows:



Str. J. W. Glidden, 19 164 5.10 1-2

7 C. T. Bond, 18 167 5.10

6 D. W. Shea, 21 174 6.

5 B. G. Waters, 19 174 6.

4 J. S. Fay, 19 171 6.

3 R. P. Blake, 20 162 6.

2 J. M. Thompson, 19 155 5.10

Bow, L. Loring, 20 150 5.10

Sub. W. S. Johnson, 19 166 5.11