Statistics About Tobacco Users.

The following revised statistics concerning the number of tobacco users in the present senior class at Yale have been prepared by Dr. Seaver:

Out of a total of '87 men in the class, 77, or 41.17 per cent., have never used tobacco; 22, or 12.86 per cent., have used it slightly, at rare intervals, of whom six have begun the regular use since Christmas of senior year; 18, or 9.62 per cent., have been hard smokers at different periods of their college course; 70, or 36.89 per cent., have used it regularly during their four years in college, or longer.

The following table gives the height, weight, chest measurement and lung capacity gained by these different classes of men, grouped under the head of regular, irregular and nonusers. The upper line in each set is the metric system, and the lower the English:

Non-Users. Irregular. Regular.

Weight 11.78lbs. 11.05 10.67 lbs.


Height 22.73 19.92 18.33 millimeters

Height 15-16 12-16 11-16 inches.

Chest 44.32 36.34 34.97 millimeters

Chest 28-16 23-16 22 16 inches.

Lung Cap .3132 .2094 .1764 liters.

Lung Cap 20 13 11. cu. inches.

From this table it may be seen that the non-users have made greater gains in all measurements than either of the other classes, and in lung capacity nearly double that of the regular smokers.