Fact and Rumor.

The Exeter Pean has just come out.

Marks are out in English A, German B and German C.

The last number of the Lampoon will probably be out tomorrow.

There will be about 75 college oarson the Thames this year.

Shurtleff, the pitcher, has been elected captain of the Dartmouth nine for next year.


The annual Strawberry night of the Hasty Pudding will be held at the club house tonight.

The graduating exercises of the Roxbury Latin School will be held this morning.

Professor Henry D. Wild of Michigan College, has been elected assistant professor of Latin at Williams College.

W. C. Lanton, Professor of Greek at Boston University, has accepted a professorship of Latin in a western college.

The new Yale launch made the trip from New Haven to New London in four hours. It is the best one Yale ever had.

An exhibition of cups won by Harvard athletes in competition this year will be held in the trophy room of the gymnasium on Class Day.

Attempts are being made to arrange a mile walk between representatives from Harvard, Princeton and Columbia.- Yale News.

Class Day preparations are being made about the yard. The seats have been put up about the tree and the lines are being strung for the lanterns.

The average weights of the four freshman crews at New London are Harvard 164 1-2 lbs., Yale 162 1-5 lbs., Columbia 153 1-5 lbs., Cornell 168 7-9 lbs.

Union College has within the past six months received gifts aggregating over $200,000. It is expected that three new professorships will be endowed at the beginning of the next college year.

The officers of the '93 Signet are W. V. Moody, president; H. Ware, vice-president; G. K. Bell, secretary; R. T. French, treasurer; and S. F. Batchelder, librarian.

The expense of running the University of Michigan for one year is but $200,000, instructors receiving but $900 per annum. The state has recently reduced its appropriation to the university by $16,000.- Ex.