Andover-Exeter Spring Meeting.

The second annual Andover-Exeter spring meeting held at Andover last Wednesday was won for the second time by Andover. The system of scoring by points was introduced this year and proved more satisfactory than the old method of counting first prizes only. Andover made a total of 46 points to Exeter's 44.

The result of the games was a bitter disappointment to Exeter, and was due more to over-confidence on her part than to any inferiority to her opponent. Her chagrin was only intensified by realizing that one more third prize would have made the score a tie.

Phelan of Exeter, who was looked upon as a sure winner in the 100 yards dash, was ruled off for making three false starts. Dobson of Andover was also unfortunate in falling in the 120 yards hurdles, but even with that to handicap him, came in second.

The only record broken was in the half mile run. Davis of Andover took the lead from the first and kept it, winning in 2 m. 9 sec.

Sayre, P. E. A., distinguished himself by making 19 out of the 44 points for Exeter. Dodge and Ph elan will enter Harvard next fall, and Sayer two years later.

The following are the records of the events and the winners:

100 yards dash-Woodruff, P. A., first; Sayre, P. E., second; Quarrier, P. A., third. Time. 11 sec.

Half mile run-Davis, P. A., first; Arnold, P. E., second; Young, P. A., third. Time, 2m. 9 sec.

Running high jump-Sheldon, P. A., first; Dobson, P. E., and Sayre, P. E., tied for second. Distance, 5 ft. 5 3-4 in.

Putting the shot-Sayre, P. E., first; Coyne, P. E., second; Hopkins, P. A., third. Distance, 32 ft. 4 1-2 in.

220 yards dash-Woodruff, P. A., first; Sayre, P. E., second; Phelan, P. E., third. Time, 24 2-5 sec. [Breaking Andover's record],

One mile run-Dodge, P. E., first; Holbrook, P. A., second; Osborne, P. A., third. Time, 5 m. 4 sec.

Pole vaulting-Sheldon, P. A., first; Willets, P. A., Second; Brown, P. E., third. Distance, 8 ft. 1-2 in.

120 yards hurdle (3 1-2 ft.)-Dobson, P. E., first; Woodruff, P. A. second; Allen, P. A., third. Time, 20 1-5 sec.

Quarter mile-Lapham, P. A., first; Montgomery, P. E. second; Davis, P. A., third. Time, 56 and 2-5 sec.

Running broad jump-Sayre, P. E. first; Dobson, P. E., second; Sheldon, P. A. Third. Distance, 19 ft. 3 3-4 in.

Judges, J. G. Lathrop, G. S. Mandell and W. L. Phelps; time keepers, J. G. Lathrop and F. D. Fiske, Harvard; starter, R. S. Hale, Harvard; clerk of course, G. K. King.