University Calendar.


Topics in Psychology of Interest to Teachers. Professor James. Upper Dane Lecture Room, 4.30 p. m.

Vesper Service. Appleton Chapel, 5 p.m.

Vesper Services will be held on Thursday of each week until further notice. Each service begins promptly at 5 p. m. and closes at 5.30. The public are invited to these services.

Harvard Union. Joint Debate between Yale and Harvard. Sanders Theatre, 8 p.m.

Subject: "Resolved, That a young man casting his first ballot in 1892 should cast it for the nominees of the Democratic party."

Yale has the affirmative and Harvard the negative.

Speakers (in the order in which they stand):

YALE. Ralph R. Upton '92. William E. Thorns '94. , William P. Aiken '92, L. S.

HARVARD. Randolph C. Surbridge, L. S. George P. Costigan, Jr., '92 Arthur P. Stone '93.

His Excellency Governor Russell will preside.