Special Notice.

HISTORY 1, 12. Tutoring.

C. E. WHITMORE, JR.,51 College House.TUTORING in English, German and French.

W. G. HOWARD, GR.,75-6t

41 College House.TUTORING in Math. A, C and D; Physics B; Chem. A.

A. E. DOUCETTE,77-5t


18 Hollis.TUTORING in Spanish I; Italian I; German A and B; Latin.

F. C. COMMONS '92,76-6t

18 Hollis.$50 will buy a six-octave three-pedal, Hallet and Davis piano, including stool and cover. May be seen at 46 College House.

76-3tTUTORING in Italian 1; French A, 1a and 1b; Zoology 1; Chemistry A, B and 1.

CHARLES L. MIX, A. M.73-4eot

24 Grays, middle entry.TUTORING in Hist. I, II, X, XII, and Physics B.

C. H. LINCOLN,J-8-14

25 Weld.TUTORING. - Chem. 1, French 1a, and German A.


30 Hollis.TUTORING in Mathematics A, D, 1, 2; German A; Chemistry A, and Philosophy 1.