University Club of Boston.

Monday afternoon a meeting of the incorporators of the new University Club of Boston was held and the association was formally organized. From the by-laws, any graduate of a university or college where a three years course at least is required shall be eligible to membership. Honorary degrees will also be recognized and graduates from the Institute of Technology and the West Point and Annapolis Academies will be entitled to membership. The present limit is fixed at 500 resident and the same number of non-resident members. The initiation fee for resident members is to be $40, and the annual dues $50, and for non-residents, the admission fee will be $20, and $18 annual dues. Already 450 gentlemen have applied for admission and there is a long list of associate members.

The following officers have been elected: President, William C. Endicott, Harvard '47; vice-presidents, Charles Francis Adams Harvard '56, John Lowell Harvard '77, A. Field Dartmouth, Henry L. Higginson Harvard, J. M. Barker Williams, Richard Olney, Brown, Alfred Hemenway Yale, J. E. Sanford Amherst; treasurer, Robert G. Shaw Harvard '69; secretary, William V. Kellen, Brown. Executive committee for four years - John T. Wheelwright Harvard '76, D. McLellan Brown, E. Parker Amherst, Charles F. Sprague Harvard '79, Reginald Foster Yale. For three years - Winslow Warren Harvard '58, Marcus Morton Yale, Richard D. Sears Harvard '83, T. W. Proctor Dartmouth, Arthur Lord Harvard '72. For two years - Nathan Matthews Jr., Harvard '75, L. L. Scaife Yale, Augustus Hemenway Harvard '75, W. Warren Williams, Frank A. Harris Harvard '66, C. S. Hamlin Harvard '83, Benj. Tenney Dartmouth, Robert M. Morse Harvard '57, C. B. Suthand Tufts, Wm S. Otis Harvard '78.

Auditing Committee - S. M. Crosby Dartmouth, A. C. Walworth Yale, H. Underwood Williams.

Election Committee - four years' term: E. L. Davis Brown, Samuel Hoar Harvard '67, F. W. Rogers Yale, M. H. Richardson Harvard '73, M. O. Adams Dartmouth.

Three years term - Charles Fairchild Harvard '58, S. J. Elder Yale, Alpheus J. Hardy Harvard '61, J. D. Colt Williams, Chas. P. Bowditch Hasvard '63.


Two years' term - A. H. Dakin Amherst, T. J. Coolidge Harvard '84, Asa French Yale, A. T. Cabot Harvard '72, G. F. Tucker Brown.

One years' term - W. H. Forbes Harvard '61, A. H. Russell Amherst, John E. Thayer Harvard '85, Myles Standish, Bowdoin, G. H. Norcross Harvard '75.

A committee was appointed to find a proper site for a club house and the executive committee was empowered to take action regarding the same.