Rev. Lyman Abbott preached at Vespers yesterday afternoon.

Saint Paul often says of certain things "I know," or "we k ?," not giving any reason for the knowledge or any proof that it is sound. We all seem to have more or less of this feeling in our own lives. We are convinced of some things which do not owe their firmness for us to logic and which skepticism could never take away. Five great facts may be mentioned concerning which this certitude may be felt. The first is one's existence; an "I" using the body as an instrument, superior to it. Another certitude to many is the existence of moral law. They find themselves more positive about laws of righteousness and purity than of those of physics and mechanics. The third certitude is the violation of the moral laws. Men without conceit cannot avoid the sure feeling that they are not what they might have been and should be. The fourth is the knowledge that there exists a Supporting Power; One who helps men bear their burdens and gives them strength to do right. The fifth is that there is one Character in history which surpasses everything else in the world, from whom came infinite impulse and inspiration that have more and more moulded life since His time. This Character is Jesus Christ.

Certitudes like these are always reliances and are never lost in fogs of perplexity or doubt. They are known and always known.

The choir sang the following anthems: "O Lord My Trust is in Thy Mercy" - King Hall; "Seek Ye the Lord" - Roberts; Tenor Solo from Barnby's 'Rebekah"; Soloist - Mr. W. N. Dunham.