Technology Scratch Games.

The M. I. T. Athletic Club will hold open scratch games on March 12th in Winslow Rink. The entry blanks have not yet been printed, but the programme will consist of these events: 50 yard flat dash, 50 yard high hurdle, one mile walk, one mile run, putting 16 pound shot, pole vault, running high jump, and running high kick.

The date of the games is too far distant to think of entering men now. but the most likely Harvard men for the different events are as follows:

50 yard flat. - Bloss, Green, Thompson, Cook, Brown, Hawes, Shead and Andrade.

50 yard high hurdle. - Fearing, Wheelwright, Richardson, Bloss, Shead and Moffitt.

One mile walk. - Endicott, Bardeen and Bates.


One mile run - Carr, Lowell, Nichols, Manley, Blake, Fenton and Hinckley.

Putting 16 pound shot. - Shea and Evins.

Pole vault. - Sherwin, Wheelwright, Green and Hodgkins.

Running high jump. - Fearing, Green, Sherwin, Bloss, Shead and Merrill.

Running high kick. - Shead and Moffitt.