WINNERS in the fall games of the H. A. A. must obtain their cups at once from Leavitt & Pierce's.


C. N. BARDEEN.VARSITY FOOT BALL. - Practice will begin at 2.45 sharp. Every man must be prompt. If any man cannot be dressed ready for play at that time he must see me before 1 p. m. today,

All those who do not tackle before playing must tackle immediately after practice.

B. W. TRAFFORD, Capt.CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. - During the week of prayer for colleges, a fifteen minute prayer service will be held every day at 1.05 p. m. Holden Chapel. All members of the University are urged to attend.


39t6ALL new clubs formed during the past year and not represented in last year's Index must send list of officers and members to Wm. H. Wiggin Jr., 6 Beacon St. Boston before Nov. 12 if they are to be represented in the Index this year.

tf'96 ELEVEN. - All candidates for the freshman eleven be on Jarvis at 3.00 sharp. Great need of more men.

A. BORDEN,Temp. Capt.H. A. A. - Anyone desiring to enter the Manhatten games on Nov. 26, may make his entry at 19 Holworthy between 12 and 1 p. m. and 7 and 8 p.m. today.

GEO. CROMPTON, Sec.FRESHMAN BANJO CLUB. - Rehearsal at 6.30 tonight in Hastings everyone must come.

F. S. HOPPIN Jr., temp. sec.VARSITY GLEE CLUB. - Rehearsal this evening at 7 o'clock.

B. WELLS, Sec.THERE will be no lecture in Zoology 1 today. Thursday, November 17. Laboratory sections as usual.