A Glance at the Two Teams and their Records.

It is rather interesting to find, in looking over the two elevens which will meet in the great game at Springfield tomorrow, how closely the situation correspond to that at this same time last year. Then Yale had not been scored against while three elevens, B. A. A., Stagg's Team, and Williams, had scored against Harvard, making 12, 4, and 6 respectively. This year, again, no eleven has scored against, Yale, while three, B. A. A., (12), Cornell, (14), and Amherst, (10), have scored against Harvard, making a total of 36 points against her. This state of things cannot be said to be encouraging, and it is discouraging on account of this very similarity to last year's situation, for no is likely to forget the outcome of that year's work. When we consider the material of the two elevens, on the other hand, it will be found that whereas Yale had the advantage last year, this year it lies with Harvard. At the beginning of last season Yale and Harvard had about the same number of positions to be filled, except that Harvard had two new guards to find while Yale had none. This year, on the other hand, Harvard had only a new guard and a centre to find for her line, while Yale had to find two new guards and an end; behind the line Harvard has had to develop a new quarter-back, half, and full-back, and Yale has had to bring out men for just the same positions, and it is a curious fact that in order to fill the quarter-back's position the full-backs of last year are the quarter-backs of this, and both are the captains of their teams. It is true that both elevens have been able to find experienced men from other colleges to fill some of these vacancies, but this has made the task hardly less difficult, since these men were accustomed to the peculiar methods employed by their old colleges and had contracted habits of play which were radically different from those of their new teams.

When we compare the scores made by the two elevens against all opponents this year we find that little can be learned. As has been noticed, Harvard has been scored against three times, and that, in three out of the last four games, and if it were not for the fact that the men are undoubtedly in much better condition now than at the time of those games, this fact would be indeed discouraging. On the other hand Harvard has scored a total of 366 points to 361 for Yale, and the eleven is now playing a far better game, both offensive and defensive, than it has played at any previous time this year. But speculations based on scores and improvement are notoriously unreliable, and it will be sufficient to give the records of the games played this year, which is as follows:

YALE.Oct. 5 - Yale 6; Wesleyan 0.

Oct. 8 - Yale 28; Crescents 0.


Oct. 12 - Yale 32; Williams 0.

Oct. 15 - Yale 22; Manhattan Athletic 0.

Oct. 19 - Yale 29; Amherst 0.

Oct. 22 - Yale 58; Orange Athletic 0.

Oct. 26 - Yale 32; Springfield 0.

Oct. 29 - Yale 44; Tufts 0.

Nov. 5 - Yale 72; Wesleyan 0.

Nov. 12 - Yale 28; U. of. P. 0.

Totals - 10 games, Yale 351; opponents 0.