Freshman Glee Club.

At the second trial of candidates for the Freshman Glee Club, held last night in the old Pudding building, fifty-nine presented themselves. The quality of the material was very good, and a large number of men tried for each of the parts except tenor. For this part only two men tried last night, and three at the first trial, making five in all, a number almost too small with which to start the club. It is hoped that if there are any men in the class who can sing first tenor who were not present at either of these trials that they will be present at the first rehearsal of the club, when another opportunity to try for the club will be given to all.

Due notice of the first rehearsal will be given the successful candidate.

The following men tried last night.

1st tenors; - A. M. Kales, C. Cohnfield.

2nd tenors; H. S. Colton, T. C. Beebe, J. Morrill, A. Cox, S. Heckscher, R. C. Thomas, R. Duff, E. R. Matthews, L. C. Milliken, W. H. Henscher, G. M. Bush, J. M. Sturgis, G. B. Hanavan, W. W. Orr, T. S. Williams, A. M. Merryweather, J. R. Bullard, L. D. Smith.


1st basses. - W. S. Appleton, W. Monroe, F. Mason, J. G. Palfrey, F. H. Pratt, H. G. Dorman, J. D. Parker, R. Austin, C. L. Bremmer, F. Von Briesen. G. L. Collins, A. C. Frain, W. H. Stearns. E. P. Fay, W. E. Doyle, W. Greenough, R. B. Williams, S. V. Manor, H. A. Webber, R. F. Wood-ward, J. L. Bremer, A. M. Chase, H. L. Belisle, E. H. Clark, E. V. Frothingham.

2nd basses: - H. G. Addison. L. D. Small, C. Boucher, E. H. Dwinell, J. L. Worden. H. L. Sanford, R. H. E. Starr, R. D. Stewart, G. L. Wrenn, K. H. Lewis, R. Davol, H. Emerson, H. A. Ross, R. K. Fox.

Accompanists. - L. D. Smith, H. L. Sanford, H. L. Belisle, M. I. Myers.