Special Notice.

AMATEUR FINISHING. - McCann, Photographer, 186 N Ave.

1m.DANCING CLASS. - Mrs. L. J. Chandler's Dancing Class Tuesday, Oct. 4. at 8 p. m. Odd Fellows Hall, Cambridgeport. Private lessons.

1y.ADVANCED FRENCH. - Private tutoring by an experienced French teacher, terms reasonable. Also reading French of advanced Harvard courses with single pupils, or classes. Apply for terms and particulars to "Advanced French."

6tTUTORING in History I and 10; Govt. 1; Philosophy 1; Ger. A. B. C. 1a, 1b, and 4. Call evenings or send postal card.

C. A. LOCH '94



777 Main St.PHILOSOPHY 1. Spansh 1, Tutoring. Seminar in Philosophy 1 Sat. eve Nov. 5.


A. C. FAY '93.

28 - 4t

33C.PHILOSOPHY 1 and 5, Economics 4, History 11 and 12, Government and Law 1. Fine Arts 3. Tutoring.

28 2t

W. W. NOLAN, 2 Manter Hall."WHICH: HARVARD, YALE OR PRINCETON?" - This momentous football question is handled in a masterly manner by an authority in this week's SPORT, MUSIC and DRAMA, out to-day. Colored Front Page, Over Fifty Illustrations. At all newsdealers. Price Ten Cents.

PHILOSOPHY 5. - Review this evening commencing at 8.45 o'clock in Manter 2 Fee $2.50.

W. W. NOLAN.A COLORED student in the Law School would like work of any kind whatsoever. Must have it to pay expenses. Address R. 10 Magee St., Cambridge.