It was a very crippled team that represented Harvard in the game with Cornell at Springfield, Saturday. Of the regular team six men,-Emmons, Upton, Waters, Lewis, Trafford and Corbett, - started in to play, and the eleven was filled out by Collamore, Blake, Mackie, Gage and Brewer. Of these men Gage and Blake were both hurt in the first half, and Lee and Mason had to hobble on to take their places. Half the other men, too, were not in fit condition to play, for Upton was tender from recent injuries, Waters was very much out of condition. Collamore has a very stiff leg. and Corbett was far from well, besides being injured in the neck early in the game. So that, on the whole, the wonder is not so much that Cornell scored three times, but that Harvard won.

Cornell played by far the best game that has been put up against Harvard this year. The rushing and dodging of Osgood were beyond criticism, and he and Johanson, were the mainstays of the Cornell team. The work of Curtis (Harvard '92) too, deserves great praise; he went through the interference cleverly, and tackled hard and low.

For Harvard, Emmons, Upton and Lewis played well in the line, Trafford, though still far from an ideal quarterback is improving in his work, and Brewer's work was excellent. The peculiar feature of Harvard's game was the regularity with which Brewer was sent with the ball in the "fake kick," each time making his distance. At one time this ancient and time - worn trick was worked for three successive downs.

In the first half it looked for a time as if Harvard would score first, but after reaching the 10. yard line they lost the ball on four downs, and soon after began a series of gains which culminated in Osgood's running twenty - five yards round Collamore for a touchdown. No goal: Cornell 4, Harvard 0.

Harvard at once started to make up for lost ground, and soon Brewer went round the right end for a fifty - yard run and touchdown. Goal; Cornell 4, Harvard 6.

Cornell scored next on Osgood's 35 - yard run inside Collamore, when he got by Corbett by a pretty dodge. No goal; Cornell 8, Harvard 6.

A fumble by Cornell next saved Harvard at the 15 yard line, Corbett got fifty yards on the play, and Brewer ran round the end for another touchdown. No goal; Cornell, 8; Harvard 10.

In the second half Osgood's run of thirty yards and some centre bucking enabled Griffith to score Cornell's third touchdown. Goal, Cornell, 14; Harvard, 10.

From this time till the end of the half Harvard sent Brewer with the ball constantly, and he gained his distance and plenty to spare nearly every time. He and Waters each scored a touchdown, and Trafford kicked one goal, Final score: Cornell, 14: Harvard 20.

The teams lined up as follows:


Emmons, 1. e. Cur is, Brown.

Upton, 1. t. Barr.

Waters, 1. g. Griffith.

Lewis, c. Wagner.

Mackie, r. g. Hanson.