VARSITY FOOT BALL. - Practice will begin at 2.45 sharp. Every man must be prompt. If any man cannot be dressed ready for play at that time he must see me before 1 p. m. today,

All those who do not tackle before playing must tackle immediately after practice.

B. W. TRAFFORD, Capt.HARVARD TOTAL ABSTINENCE LEAGUE. Members of the university are urged to join at once. The constitution may be signed and shingles procured Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 2 to 4 p. m., at Stougbton 13.

31 - 3t

J' W. CARB, Sec.PIERIAN SODALITY - Rehearsal at 7.

VARSITY GLEE CLUB - Rehearsal to night at 7 sharp.

B. Wells, Sec'y.CHEMISTRY B - The hour examination will be held in U. E. R. on Tuesday at 2.30 p. m. Laboratory note books are to be handed in at that time.


J. Torrey Jr.BOTANICAL CLUB - Dr. G. L. Goodale Some Aspects of New Zealand Vegetation" Illustrated by the Stereopticon, W. C. Nash Lecture Room, Botanical Museum Monday evening Nov. 4. All members of the University invited.

HARVARD DEMOCRATIC CAMPAIGN CLUB. - Very important. All unpaid initiation fees and subscriptions must surely be paid today. Leave money at Leavitt's or at 22 Hastings from 9 - 11, or at 2 Weld from 2 30 - 4.

MURRAY BARTLETT,Treas.FRENCH 10 - Hour examination, Tuesday, Nov.8, at 9 a. m. in Sever 23.

F. C. DESUMICHRAST.ALL new clubs formed during the past year and not represented in last year's Index must send list of officers and members to Wm. H Wiggin Jr, 6 Beacon St. Boston before Nov. 12 if they are to be represented in the Index this year.

tfTHE 'Varsity games have been postponed until this afternoon at 3 o'clock.