The 'Varsity Games.

Probably the best set of fall games in the history of the Harvard Athletic Association were held on Holmes field yesterday afternoon. The games started promptly and finished ten minutes ahead of time, an unprecedented occurrence in track athletics. All the events were finished with the exception of the pole vault, which was postponed until today.

It was unfortunate for the management that the games had to be postponed last Saturday, and this was the cause of the small attendance present. No records were broken, but considering the soft condition of the track, the time made in the quarter, half and mile runs was excellent. The success of the meeting was in a large part due to the efficient management of the officers, who kindly volunteered their services.

At three thirty the men lined up for the 100 yards dash which was run in five preliminary heats and the final. The results were, first heat, 1st, F. A. Dorman '94 (4 yds.), 2nd W. L.Thompson '93 (scratch). Time 10 3 5 sec. Second heat, 1st, G. L. Collins '96 (5 yds.), 2nd H. A. Bull '95 (6yds.). Time 10 3-5 s. Third heat, 1st, N. W. Bingham jr., '95, (2 yds.), 2nd, E. S. Benedict '96 (5 yds ) Time 10 3-5 s. Fourth heat, 1st, E. Bloss '94 (1 yd.). 2nd, C. S. Fuller '96, (6 yds). Time 10 3-5 s. The heat for second men was won by H. A. Bull '95 in 10 3-5 s. The finals resulted in a close finish and was won by Bloss with Bingham second. Time 10 3-5 s.

The 120 yards hundle race was all run it one heat and 0. W. Shead '93 from ten yards behind scratch won in 17 4-5 s. with K. Brown '93 second.

The mile walk had five starters, but all but the last two men were left to fight it out. F. Johnson '96 with 35 seconds start came in first with A. L. Endicott '94, (scratch) a few feet behind. Time 7 m. 12 2-5 s.


The mile run was one of the best exhibitions of the afternoon and proved a wellearned victory for A. Blake '93, who ran from the 10 yard mark in 4 m. 36 1-5 s. John Corbin, Gr. (40 yds.) was second,

W. F. Garcelon L. S. (10 yds.) won the 440 yards by a narrow margin in the excellent time of 511-5 s. H. C. Lakin '94 (15 yds) finished a good second.

The one mile bicycle race was declared off and the two mile bicycle fell to the lot of 0. B. Hawes'93 (125 yds) who won in 5 m. 59 2 5 sec, with F. S. Elliott '95 (scratch) second.

The trial heats in the 220 yards dash resulted as follows: First heat, 1st, N. W. Bingham jr. '95 (scratch), 2nd E. K. Bowser, '96 (11 yds). Time 23 3 5 s. Second heat, 1st, G. L. Collins '96 (11 yds.), 2nd E. S. Benedict '96 (10 yds.), Time 23 2-5 s. Third heat, 1st, H. A. Bull '95 (13 yds.), 2nd, M. Green '96 (12 yds.). Time 23 2-5 s. Fourth heat, 1st, F. A. Dorman '94 (9 yds), 2nd, K. Brown '93, (10 yds.). Time 23 2-5 s. The final was won by Bowser in 23 2-5 s., and Bull and Collins ran a dead heat for second. Though some misunderstanding Bingham did not compete in the finals. As the time in all the heats, but the first, was the same, it showed excellent handicapping on the part of Mr. Lathrop and Captain Thompson.

One heat decided the 220 yards hurdle and A. Coonley '94 (8 yds.) finished first with G. D. Whitehead'96 (10yds.) second. Time 27 4-5 s.

The half mile run was a close and exciting race between C. G. Hubbell '93 (5 yds,) and J. 0. Nichols L. S. (10 yds.) and was won by the former in the fast time of 2 m. 3 2-5 s.

P. W. Whittemore '95 (2 ft.) won the shot event with an actual put of 33 ft. 8 in. G. C. Chaney '94 (2 ft.) was second, making a throw of 31 ft. 7i in.

The hammer contest was won by G. C. Chaney '94 (scratch), with a throw of 70 ft. 10 in E. James '95 (scratch), was second, throwing the hammer 68 ft.

The high jump resulted in a tie between E. H. Clark '96 (5 in.) and R.Codman '96 (5 in.), both clearing 5 ft. 2 3-4. in The jump off was won by Clark.

E. B. Bloss '94 won the broad jump from scratch clearing a distance of 22 ft. 1 in. H. M. Wheelwright '94, (2 ft.) was second with an actual jump of 19 ft. 1/2 in.