HARVARD, 16; B. A. A., 12.

The game with the Boston Athletic Association on Jarvis Field yesterday afternoon was a decided disappointment to the Harvard supporters. In spite of the lessons which ought to have been forced on the team by the Amherst, Technology and Cornell games, Harvard's defensive play seems to have fallen off rather than improved. The line men did not show the slightest ability to break through, and time and time again they would allow themselves to be dragged along three or four yards by the men whom they had tackled. Whenever the Athletic Association got the ball they would batter down the Harvard guards and tackles and push the ball steadily down the field, and if Harvard did stop them on four downs it was invariably by bothering the centre when the ball was put in play. The number of times that a B. A. A. man was thrown when he was tackled might be counted on the fingers of one hand.

On the other hand the offensive play was most encouraging. Lake and Corbett both bucked the line with great effect, while Brewer. Gray and Lee followed their blockers well in going round the ends. In fact the whole team seems to be grasping the idea that every man should follow the play and help the runner out. If this improvement in the offensive play can only be followed up by a corresponding improvement in the defense, especially by clean, hard tackling such as Hallowell's yesterday, our prospects for the Yale game will be indeed bright. And this defensive play the coachers may surely be relied upon to teach the team, for the same men turned out teams last year and the year before which excelled in that very point.

The game started with Harvard in possession of the ball. After gaining for a few downs the ball was lost to B. A. A., on four downs, but was soon recovered and rushed down the field till Lake scored the first touch-down through the centre. No goal; score 4-0.

B. A. A. took the ball and without losing it took it to Harvard's three yard line, but lost it there, and Harvard formed for a kick. Brewer did not kick however, and Harvard got out of a small hole, with the ball on the fifteen yard line. Again the same formation, but this time Brewer tried to kick and the ball was blocked only to have Peters get it and, score a touch-down. Goal; score 4-6.


Harvard now took the ball, and scored in three downs on good runs by Brewer, Gray and Lake, Lake getting the touch-down. Goal; score 10-6.

There was no more scoring in the first half, but in the second B. A. A. took the ball and did not lose it again till Peters scored a touch-down. Goal; score 12-10.

The gains were made through the guards and tackles with the exception of one long run round Emmons' end.

Again Harvard took the ball, and again rushed it right down the field and scored. Goal; score 16-12. Time was called almost immediately after this.

The teams lined up as follows:


Thayer 1. e. Emmons

Tukey 1. t. Upton

Whitman, 1. g. Waters

Pierce centre Lewis