Fact and Rumor.

A theme is due in French 2 on Friday.

Homer's Iliad will be begun in Greek A today.

There are 18 men on the Amherst Glee Club.

Boston University is to have a crew next season.

An Athletic Association has been formed at West Point.


Watriss, '92, and Vail, '93, are coaching the freshman crew.

Carlyle's Goethe must be finished in German by the mid years.

The last Illustrated American contains 21 pictures devoted to foot ball.

The class of '86 held their monthly meeting and dinner Saturday afternoon at Parker's.

The Yale crew candidates have stopped training until next term on account of examinations.

The requirements for admission to the architectural department at Cornell will be raised in 1894.

The U. of P. Faculty has been authorized to purchase a large tract of land to enlarge the athletic field.

The annual dinner of the Williams Alumni Association will be held at Hotel Brunswick, Thursday, December 15.

A. J. Cumnock has an article in the Christmas number of Wide Awake entitled "Advice to School Foot-ball Captains."

A Southern base ball league is to be formed by the universities of the states of Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Tennessee.