Drawings For Chess Tournament.

The plans of the officials of the Inter collegiate Chess Association for the first annual meeting at New York, Dec. 27, to Jan. 2 have been completed. The following representatives of the four colleges which comprise the association will compete; Yale, Bumstead and Skinner; Harvard, Wilson and Ballou; Princeton, Dickie and Ewing; Co umbia. Hymes and Stubbs.

Each college will play 12 games and the one having the largest percentage of vic ories at the close of the tournament will be awarded the $400 cup.

The following is the order of play decided upon:

Dec. 27. - Hymes vs. Wilson, Bumstead vs. Dickie, Stubbs vs. Ewing, Skinner vs. Ballou.

Dec. 28. - Hymes vs. Bumstead. Dickie vs. Wilson, Stubbs vs. Ballou, Skinner vs. Ewing.

Dec. 29. - Hymes vs. Dickie, Bumstead vs. Wilson, Stubbs vs. Skinner, Ewing vs. Ballou.

Dec. 30. - Ballou vs. Hymes, Wilson vs. Stubbs, Ewing vs. Bumstead, Dickie vs. Skinner.

Dec. 31. - Skinner vs. Hymes, Wilson vs. Ewing, Bumstead vs. Stubbs, Ballou vs. Dickie.

Jan. 2. - Ewing vs. Hymes, Wilson vs. Skinner, Ballou vs. Bumstead, Dickie vs. Stubbs.