Harvard Co-Operative Society.

President Taussig opened the meeting last night by calling attention to he flourishing condition of the society, and to the efficient work of the Superintendent, Mr.Lyford. After briefly explaining the somewhat cumbersome way in which the dividends have been made in the past, he proposed in behalf of the directors to divide the profits in proportion to the total amount of each member's purchases. The proposed change was unanimous y adopted.

Prof. Taussig also stated that the rapid increase of business had made it necessary to carry a large stock. Accordingly instead of the $4,800 called for by the old method of dividing two-thirds of the profits the directors had divided this fall but $4,000.

On the motion of Mr. Fiske the President appointed a nominating committee, and the society unanimously elected the following officers.

Pres't Professor Taussig, Sec't. W. W. Cutter '95, Directors: Dr. Howard and Prof. Hart from the university at large, J. C. Breckenridge and F. B. Campbell from the Law School, S. Davis '93, W. S. Hockey '94, J. K. Whittemore '95, and Arthur Brewer '96.

The following tables will show the prosperous condition of the society.


1891. 1892.

Stock $ 8050.84 $11585.34

Expenses & Coms. 7042.61 9404.72

Business 70734.44 95415.44

Members 987 1299

Stock increased 3534.50

Exp & Coms increased 2362.11

Business increased 24681.00

Members increased 312