H. P. C. THEATRICALS. - Gade, Tisdale, Bell, Brown, T. Blake, Bardeen, Wilder, Nichols. Keyes at 5 o'clock sharp.


Amusement Committee.ST. PAUL'S SOCIETY. - There will be a Social Meeting at 10 Holworthy Hall on Wednesday evening, December 14th, 1892, at 8 o'clock.

Mr. Charles P. Parker B. A. Oxon., Honorary Member of the Society, will be the guest of the evening; and will speak on Social Life and Study at Oxford University.



Secretary.SIGNET. - Initiation of third Seven, Wednesday evening, December 14th. If there are any past members among the Faculty or Graduate Schools. who by any mistake have not received invitations they are cordially invited to be present.


PIERIAN SODALITY. - Concert at Lexington. Last car for North Cambridge leaves at 5.52. Rehearsal Wednesday at 4.30.

HARVARD FENCING CLUB. - Mr. Louis Rondelle will be at the club rooms to give lessons in fencing and broadsword to members, on Wednesday and Friday evenings from 7 to 9, until and after the Christmas vacation. The first evening will be Dec. 14th.


PROSPECT UNION. - Professor von Jageman will lecture at the rooms of the Union, 598 Main street, Wednesday, Dec. 14, at 8 p. m. Subject: "The Modern German Empire." All members of the University are invited.

'94 ELEVEN. - The following men will please meet at 23 Weld, at 7 o'clock this evening: Lee, Davis, Williams, Wheelwright, Wrenn, Ladd, Cabot, Gardner, Gleason, Brooks.

UNION HALL PARTIES. BROOKLINE. - Barge leaves at 7.50 p. m. from front of Co-operative. All men going will please be prompt.

A. P. TEELE,R. MACALLISTER.St. Paul's School Club. - There will be a smoker at Mr. Fennessy's room, 33 Weld at 7.30 this evening. All St. Paul's men be present if possible to sign for the dinner Saturday evening.