Fact and Rumor.

There will be no vesper service next Thursday afternoon.

An International Cyclists' Union has been formed in London.

The Technology sophomores held their class dinner last Friday.

The Christmas Theatricals of the Hasty Pudding Club will be given tonight.

Princeton received $1,600 from all the other games besides the Yale game this year.

Last week's edition of Frank Leslie's Weekly contains a picture of Lorin F. Deland.

B. V. D. Post of Syria won the Baird-prize for oratory, amounting to $100, at Princeton.

Connor, who played right tackle on the Exeter team, has been elected captain for next year.

Each members fo the winning team in the intercollegiate Chess Tournament will receive a silver medal in commemoration of the tournament upon which the date and his name will be inscribed.

J. W. Thomas has been re-elected captain of the Technology football team for next season.

The third Yale speaker for the Harvard - Yale debate will be chosen by the Kent Club Tuesday.

Thursday will be the last day of recitations before the vacation. Recitations begin Tuesday, January 3.

The Dartmouth nine last year ranked first in batting and fielding in the New England College League.

Men in Economics 9 are making a collection of newspaper clippings on the labor question and sociology.

The college and medical seniors at Boston University have adopted the cap and gown for commencement.

It has been decided to postpone the meeting of the Princeton Athletic Association until after Christmas.

Over $700 has been raised to defray the expenses of coaching the University of Michigan football team next year.

D. B. Roberts '90 has accepted a position as instructor of Greek and Latin, at Dean Academy, Franklin, Mass.

The men to be excused from further examination in History I before the midyears will be announced in a few days.

The Wellesley Glee and Banjo Clubs have offered to the students a prize for the best design for the programme for their first concert.