Chicago University.

The following list of professors and assistants who have already been appointed to the Faculty of the new Chicago University has been announced.

William R. Harper, president and head professor of the Semitic department.

William G. Hale, of Cornell, head professor in Latin.

J. L. Laughlin, of Cornell, head professor of Political Economy.

William I. Knapp, of Yale, head professor of the Romance Languages and Literature.


Albion W. Small, now president of Colby University, head professor of Social Science.

Harry P. Judson, of the University of Michigan, professor of History and dean of the undergraduate department.

Charles Chandler, Denison University, professor in Latin.

Edward Miller, assistant professor in Political Economy.

C. L. Herrick, University of Cincinnati, professor in Biology.

George A. Goodspeed, of Yale, assistant professor in Ancient History and Comparative Religions.

Robert F. Harper, of Yale, assistant professor in Semitic department.

A. A. Stagg, Yale, director of Physical Culture.

F. F. Abbott, Yale, assistant professor in Latin.

Z. A. Dixon, assistant librarian.