Fact and Rumor.

Ives '93 is now coaching the Yale crew.

The sophomore crew took a run to Corey Hill yesterday.

Vail '93 has begun light work with the 'varsity crew.

The average price of board at Memorial for the last two months was $3.79.

P. J. Berlo, the crack cyclist, has joined the Suffolk Athletic Club.

The B. A. A. will give an open wrestling tournament in March.

Wednesday has been made a half-holiday at Princeton.

Hawkins, of the Brooklyn team, will coach the Lehigh nine.

There are now twenty-two candidates for the Exeter nine.

There are 190 college papers published in the United States.

J. Howland, Yale '94, is being tried as stroke of the University crew.

The Yale crew was coached Saturday by C. O. Gill '89, and John Rogers '87.

Squires, Conley and Haradon of Exeter's eleven expect to enter Yale '96.

There are six ladies in the junior class of the New York University Law School.

The California trip of the B. A. A ball team this summer will occupy seven weeks.

There will be three lectures during the remainder of the term in Latin B and D on Terence.