Fact and Rumor.

128 men are training for the Yale Mott Haven team.

The Athletic Association at Cornell has a debt of $917.

An assembly was given at Tufts College Wednesday evening.

It is probable that mid-year marks will not be given in Pol. Econ. 1.

The youngest State University is that of Montana, founded in 1884.


There will be no more papers to prepare outside the class in Geology 4.

The Worcester Athletic Club will hold an indoor meeting on March 4.

Sixty-three students are said to be working their way through Yale - Ex.

The first hare and hounds run of the season, at Tufts, was held Wednesday.

The U. of P. nine will play Princeton April 27 at Princeton, and May 14 at Philadelphia.

It is said that Senator Stanford has made his will leaving $20,000,000 to the Stanford University.

Rev. Dr. Vos of Grand Rapids, Mich, has been called to the new chair of Biblical Theology at Princeton.

The University of Michigan will erect a Grecian temple as her contribution to the World's Fair at Chicago.

A rule has been made compelling every candidate for the ball team to practice hand ball some time during the day.

Chandeliers have been placed in the front part of the dining room at Memorial adding much to the convenience of those the general tables.