'Varsity Crew on the River.

The 'varsity crew went on the river yesterday afternoon for the first time this year. Although there was more or less floating ice to be encountered in the river, the change from the tank to the river was welcome because of the superior facilities for practice which it gives the men. From half-past four till six the crew spent in rowing from the boat house down the river into the basin, as far as the Harvard Bridge and back again. As was natural for the first day there was some splashing, but, on the whole, the result of the practice was satisfactory. The crew which rowed yesterday was composed as follows:

Stroke, Ninde.

7, Kelton.

6, Cummings.

5, Rantoul.

4, Acton.

3, Waters.

2, Newell.

Bow, Slade.

Weed and Winthrop spent the afternoon rowing in the pair-oar, and the above mentioned men, including Weed, Winthrop, and Vail are the ones who were taken to the training table at Mrs. Bucknell's last evening. These men are the candidates from whom the final 'varsity crew will be selected, - although Vail will not begin rowing for over six weeks and is by no means a probability.

The coaching was done by C. F. Adams, 2nd, who coached from the coxswain's seat, as the launch will not be put in use for some time. Mr. Keyes watched the men row last Saturday and from time to time he may be expected to coach the crew, although it is very seldom that he can get away from business.

Several changes have been made in the boat house since last fall, and among other things bath room facilities have been increased. Today or tomorrow the '93 crew will begin rowing on the river and the other crews will probably follow suit. All the class crews will be re-enforced by several of the 'varsity crew.