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To the Editors of the Crimson:

Through the columns of this paper, I desire to call the attention of the proper authorities to the deplorable condition of the bowling-alleys in the gymnasium. For the last year they have been in an indifferent condition, while at the present time, there is not a level alley, nor are there more than two or three good balls or pins in all of the alleys. This is a part of the gymnasium which is patronized by a very large number of students, and it is but fair that these students may use these alleys to advantage, and at the same time really enjoy a game. Attention is also called to the condition of certain pieces of apparatus on the first floor, which are almost worthless. Surely, it will require but little expense to replace this apparatus. It is but right to all students who exercise in the gymnasium, that serious consideration be given to these two facts.

Perhaps, I may further add, as one way out of the difficulty, that if there is no standing fund for the gymnasium expenses, arrangements should be made whereby the alleys may be repaired, and then a small sum of five cents be charged for every game played in them.

W. B. W.