Games of the Harvard Cricket Club.

The cricket eleven will not play University of Pennsylvania or Haverford this spring, but will play a much larger number of practice games than usual in preparation for the great game of the season with Yale, which will take place on Holmes Field, probably on June 4th. There will be an unusual number of games played in Cambridge, for all of which a season ticket will be given to members of the Cricket Club. The schedule so far arranged, is as follows:

April 20th Wanderers at Cambridge.*

April 23rd Chelsea at Cambridge.

April 27th B. A. A. at Longwood.*

April 30th Lowell at Cambridge.


May 4th Wanderers at Cambridge.

May 7th Brockton at Cambridge.

May 14th B. A. A. at Longwood.

May 18th Mystics at Medford.

May 21st Andover at Andover.

May 25th Wanderers at Cambridge.

May 28th St. Paul's School at Concord.*

May 30th Merrimacs at Lawrence.

June 1st Mystics at Cambridge.

June 2nd Somerville at Somerville.