CRIMSON. - There will be a special meeting of the CRIMSON this evening at 6.45.

FRESHMAN BANJO CLUB - Rehearsal at 5.15 sharp. No excuse accepted.

J. S. STONE.'92 NINE. - The following men must be dressed at the Gym. at 3.30 sharp to play '93: Hollis, Codman, Young, Rankin, H. Wood, Curtis, Brown, Pillsbury, Thorndike, Lake, Cummin, Allen and Stetson.

P. L. SPALDING.FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB. - Rehearsal at 2.30 sharp. Every one must be present.

E. W. RYERSON.'93 NINE. - Be on Jarvis at 3.30 to play '92: Collamore, Winsor, Fearing, Dolan, Manley, Stubbs, Conro, Dinsmore and Burgess.


C. MERRIAM, Capt.'VARSITY GLEE CLUB rehearsal this afternoon at 3.30.

B. WELLS, Sec.PRESS DINNER. - There will be a meeting of the delegates on Wednesday at 1.45 in Hollis 8.

ALL members of Ninety-two please meet at 3.45 p.m. in front of Matthews.

'94 NINE. - Practice at 4 p.m. on Norton's.

J. B. LOWELL, Capt.