PIERIAN SODALITY. - Rehearse tonight at 7, and Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.

HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB. - Regular meeting today at 2. Let everyone try for the team.

THE following men will please act as ushers at the Yale '95 game, tomorrow, and be at 5 Beck Hall, today at 5 o'clock: Brice, Wrenn, Whitman, J. Caswell, I. S. Adams, Ames, Crompton, Curtis, French, Grew, Lawton, Murchie, Pierce, Stickney, Gilsey, Emmons, Mills, Wheatland, Winslow, Stackpole, Ryerson.

J. S. WADSWORTH.FRESHMAN NINE. - The following men will be on Holmes at 2 sharp: Walker, McAdams, Rogers, Phelan, Whittemore, Cassatt, Whiting. All other candidates at 3 sharp. Dreyfus, Webb, Stevenson, dressed on Holmes at 10 a. m. sharp.

'VARSITY MEETING, H. A. A. - Contestants will use the Carey Building, No call will be given at the Gymnasium. Every man must be on time for his event or will be disqualified.


SIGNET. - A very important meeting of the Signet will be held this evening at 8 o'clock sharp.

W. C. NICHOLS. Sec.SENIOR NOTICE. - The Caps and Gowns for the men who were notified by postal last week have, with a few exceptions, arrived at the store of the Co-operative Society. These should be taken away as soon as possible. An additional number of gowns will be received next week of which due notice will be given.