No Special Notices, Lost or Found notices or paid notices of any kind whatever can be inserted in the CRIMSON unless left and paid for in advance at Leavitt & Peirce's. No notices under any conditions will be published if left at the CRIMSON office or given to any editor.

BUSINESS MANAGER.'92 NINE. - Practice at 2 sharp on Jarvis. Every one must be present.

FRESHMAN NINE. - All candidates will be at 5 Beck at 11 sharp.

J. S. WADSWORTH.'VARSITY GLEE CLUB rehearsal this afternoon at 1.30 sharp.

B. WELLS, Sec.CRICKET. - The following men will meet at Bartlett's at 1.30 o'clock to take barge for Longwood: Garrett, Mac Veagh, Pool, Kaulbach, Wells, Smith, Curtis, Griswold, Bates, Skinner.


C. ST. C. SKINNER, Captain.SENIOR NOTICE. - The Caps and Gowns for the men who were notified by postal last week have, with a few exceptions, arrived at the store of the Co-operative Society. These should be taken away as soon as possible. An additional number of gowns will be received next week of which due notice will be given.