English C.

Subjects for Fifth Forensic, Due May 30.

1. Do the plays of Sophocs support or contradict the traditional belief in the existence of a stage in the Greek Theatre?

2. Is Aristophanes's account of Greek women trustworthy.

3. Did the Greeks paint their sculptures?

4. Is Howells historically justified in asserting that "Every literary movement has been violently opposed at the start, and yet never stayed in the least, or arrested by criticism."

5. Should Exposition rather than Argument form the subject-matter of English C?


6. Is University Extension practicable for the United States?

7. Does Freeman or Froude represent the better historical method?

8. Would the payment of members of the House of Commons promote the welfare of English Government?

9. Should the English Parliamentary term be shortened?

10. Should the larger self-governing colonies of England be allowed to negotiate commercial treaties independently of the mother country?

11. Should the cibinet system of England be introduced into the national government of the United States?

12. Was Sir Edmund Andros a tryant?

13. Has Balfour successfully refuted any possible systematic ethics. [See A. J. Balfour: Defence of Philosophic Doubt, Appendix.]

14. Is Dr. Nunstrberg's theory of mind defensible? [See Philosophical Review for March 1892.]

15. Is hypnotism likely to prove a useful curative agency.