Fact and Rumor.

The last Harper's Weekly contains pictures of Highland's and Upton.

In the cricket game Saturday Harvard was defeated by the B. A. A. eleven 98 to 39.

Oxford will send an eight-oared crew to the World's Fair to compete with American college crews.

On Saturday, Yale beat Amherst by a score of 9 to 4, and the University of Vermont defeated Cornell; 10 to 5.

James M. Perkins '92 has been chosen delegate of the Harvard Republican Club to the convention of the Republican clubs of the several American colleges, to be held at Ann Arbor, Michigan tomorrow.


The following men have been taken to the Mott Haven training table in addition to those already mentioned in the CRIMSON: E. W. Pinkham, '92, W. N. Duane '92, C. H. Hubbell, '93, G. Collamore, '93, H. C. Lakin, '94, and N. W. Bingham, '95.

In the Princeton-Columbia games on Saturday, F. A. Borcherling, Princeton '93, broke the collegiate record for the mile walk. His time was 6m. 55 3-5s. in place of 6m. 56 4-5s. held by R. S. Hale of Harvard. Princeton won nine firsts, eight seconds, nine thirds. Columbia had five firsts, six seconds and four thirds.