Fact and Rumor.

Thirty five colleges have responded to an invitation to meet and form an American Intercollegiate Republican Club.

The University of Pennsylvania, after defeating Harvard, Yale and Princeton i base ball, has lost two games to Lehigh.

The Princeton 'varsity photograph recently taken by Pach will be printed on the programme of the Yale game at New Haven

The Princeton Gun Club has accepted the challenge of the Yale Shooting Club and has agreed on May 21st as a date for the match.

Harvard expends $16,000 annually on her library, Columbia $20,000, Cornell $8,000, Yale $7,500, and Princeton about $4,000 - Ex.


Next year there will be two sections in all the class of the first year Law School. This step is rendered necessary by the increasing size of the first year classes.

In the Yale-Princeton chess match both games have been won by Princeton. The Evans gambit was won at the thirty-fourth move, and Ruy Lopez game at the fortieth move.

The International Law Club has elected the following officers: President, W. A. Hamilton '92; vice-president, J. S. Brown '92; secretary and treasurer, M. E. Ingalls '92.

The faculty of Leland Stanford University has demanded the resignation of the editors of the college monthly magazine, the "Palo Alto," owing to certain articles published in it.

The fifteen annual spring handicap games of the Manhattan Athletic Club will be given May 21. Gold and silver watches and silver medals will be given in each of the sixteen events.