Hollis - Herrmann.

Globe - "1492."

Tremont - E. S. Willard in a Fool's Paradise.

Park - McKenna's Flirtation.

Boston - Salvini in Monte Cristo.


Columbia - The Junior Partner.

Museum - Charles Dickson in "Incog."

Bowdoin Square - Lillian Durrell in Mignon.

Grand Opera House - Robert Mantell.

HARVARD ATHLETIC CALENDAR.May 24. Tuesday, 92 vs. 95, Jarvis field, 4 p. m.

May 25. Wednesday, Cricket, Wanderers vs. Harvard, Holmes field, 4 p. m.

May 26. Thursday, 92 vs. 95, Jarvis field: 4. p. m.

May 27. Friday, University of Michigan vs. Harvard, Holmes field, 4 p. m.

May 28. Saturday, Mott Haven games at New York. Yale 95 vs. Harvard 95 at New Haven. Cricket, St. Paul's School vs. Harvard at Concord.