Intercollegiate Shooting Match.

The driviag rain did not stop the shooting match between the Yale, Princeton, and Harvard gun clubs, which was held at New Haven on Saturday.

Each of the five members of each team shot at thirty clay pidgeons at unknown angles.

During the first part of the match Harvard led in the score and held the lead until near the close.

At the end of the match, Mr. Woods, Yale Sheffield, announced the score, Yale 104; Princeton 104; Harvard 98. In the match to decide the tie, Princeton won, 12 to 11.

As the men were leaving, an error of the scorer was found, whereby one of Yale's men was credited with 22 birds, instead of 23.


Yale then claimed the motch, but Princeton protested. Princeton would listen to nothing but an absolute victory.

Yale will consult the best sporting authority on the subject and appeal to the popular mind as to whether she is entitled to 105 points and the match instead of 104 points and defeat.

The individual scores of the Harvard team were Lawton 14, Sargent 18, Pike 22, Gould 22, Mackay 22. Lawton's poor score is somewhat excusable as he broke his gun in the beginning of the match.