Fact and Rumor.

Philosophy 2 will meet in U. 16 during the year.

Holy Cross beat Yale Wednesday, 11 to 6. Wyckoff pitched for Yale.

Major Russell Sturgis addressed the meeting of the Y. M. C. A., last evening.

John the Orangeman has received the first edition of his life, and will be glad to dispose of copies to the students for 50 cents.

The annual invitation fencing meeting under the auspices of the B. A. A., will take place in the B. A. A. gymnasium, Saturday evening, May 7.


The open handicap meeting Saturday afternoon on Holmes field will be the largest outdoor games ever given in New England.

Professor G. L. Goodale delivered a lecture before the Gardners' and Florists' Club in Horticultural Hall, Tuesday evening, upon "Noted Gardens of the World."

At the meeting of the Harvard Shooting Club, yesterday, Sargent won the Founder's cup for April. Cups will be shot for, Friday.

Dr. Hitchcock, director of the Amherst gymnasium, will shortly publish a paper upon the "Advancement of Physical Education." To the pamphlet will be added tables based on measurements taken at Amherst during the last thirty years.

The University of Michigan base ball nine will start on their Eastern trip in the latter part of May. They play the University of Pennsylvania, May 21st; Lafayette, 23d; Lehigh, 24th; Princeton, 25th; Yale, 26th; Harvard, 27th; and Brown, the 28th.

The Yale Kent Club will hold its annual prize debate in Osborne Hall, the latter part of May. The question for debate will be, Resolved, That the efforts of a political reformer to remove political abuses, should be made within the party to which he belongs.

The museum of the Leland Stanford University is just completed, and is the first college structure ever made entirely of concrete. It covers 20,000 square feet of ground. Fifteen thousand articles, collected by Mrs. Stanford, are ready to be shipped to it.

A pony polo team is to be formed at Yale to play the club which has existed for several years at Harvard. W. H. Vanderbilt, Jr., Moses Taylor, Jr., H. C. Beadleston and Harry C., son of ex-Secretary Whitney, are at the head of the movement. The members of the team have polo ponies and practice several times a week. - Ex.