The Cricket Trip.

The members of the Harvard eleven returned to Cambridge Monday morning and would have brought the championship with them if it had not been for the playing of Mr. W. S. Ellis '89, ex-captain of the Harvard eleven, to whose bowling alone Harvard's one defeat was due.

In the U. of Pa. game, after a long delay on account of the weather, the home team went to the bat and put together 77 runs. Harvard then went to the bat and had made over 40 for the loss of but four wickets, when a driving shower began. This and the bowling of Ellis, who had gone on a short time before, proved too much for the rest of the team, and the side went out for 51. Six of the Harvard wickets fell to Ellis for 12 runs. Kaulbach with 18, and S. Skinner with 14, made the only stands for Harvard.

After a tea, given to the men by the ladies of the Germantown Club, the team were driven by Mr. Cassatt on his coach to the Bryn Mawr Hotel, where a high tea, followed by a very jolly ball was given to them by the Haverford and U. of Pa. cricketers.

The next morning at 12 o'clock the Haverford game began with Haverford at the bat. The runs came rather slow until Stokes and Roberts got together and made 19 and 17 respectively out of a total of 78. Muir, with 13, was the only other player to score double figures. In Harvard's inning Garrett was stupidly run out, and Kaulbach had the same luck with the total at 6. S. Skinner and Dinsmore made a plucky stand for 14 apiece, but the side went out for 51. When the second inning began all of the 500 people present, with the exception of the Harvard team, had given the game to Haverford, for it seemed impossible to finish a second inning in the two hours remaining before the time to draw stumps, and the game if unfinished would go to Haverford on the score of the first inning. Garrett bowled with wonderful effect, however, and the Haverford team went out for only 46. Harvard had just 50 minutes to make the 74 runs necessary to win the game, but Garrett was equal to the occasion, and had put together 59 in magnificent style, when he was called out leg-before-wicket. The winning run was made by MacVeagh within a minute of the expiration of time. When the stumps were drawn Harvard had won with 5 wickets to spare by a score of 129-125.