The Yale Crews.

After a short row on the Harbor Saturday afternoon the Yale 'varsity crew left for New London where they will occupy the regular Yale quarters at Captain Lathrop Brown's, Gale's Ferry. They were accompanied by Mr. Alfred Cowles '86, who will have charge of the coaching until next Thursday, when Mr. Robert Cook '76, will arrive to remain until after the race. The crew will row regularly every morning and afternoon.

The following men were taken to New London:

Position. Wt.

F. A. Johnson, '94 S., Bow, 163

A. J. Balliet '92, 2, 169


A. L. Van Huyck '92 S., 3, 172

R. D. Paine '94, 4, 187

A. B. Graves '92 S., 5, 175

J. A. Hartwell M. S., 6, 174

S. B. Ives '93, 7, 180

E. F. Gallaudet '93, Stroke, 169


Average, 174

Coxswain, F. E. Olmstead '94 S., 108

Substitutes, D. Rogers '92, 153; T. I. Chatfield '93, 169, and John Howland '94, 169.

The freshman crew will leave for New London on Saturday, June 18th. Percy Bolton '86 Sheff. will coach them there, and some arrangement will be made to secure a launch. They will begin to row in the new shell made by Waters of Troy, on their arrival at New London.