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The shell of the Columbia freshman crew was badly injured while being transferred to the cars after the Cornell freshman race. The manager of the Columbia crew however has arranged with Yale freshmen to borrow a shell for the coming regatta.

The first general catalogue of Yale College appeared in 1796, although various class catalogues, containing information concerning but one class, had appeared from time to time previous to that year. It was not until 1813, however, that the first printed catalogue appeared.

At Kansas University, the professor of English literature is going to depart from the beaten track. Instead of the plays of Shakespeare, Marlow, Beaumont and Fletcher, he will have the class read "Hoyt's Texas Steer," "A Hole in the Ground," and "A Tin Soldier." - Ex.

Two new buildings for the department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania are in process of erection. One of these, the Engineering School proper, is 100x50 feet and contains a plant of 300 horse-power for lighting by electricity the buildings of the university.