Yale Game.

The arrangements for the Yale game will be similar to those for the Princeton game.

Ushers will please report to J. W. Cummin. Chief Usher, on the field at 1.15 p.m. sharp.

Holders of season, complimentary and reserved seat tickets will be admitted at the usual entrance on Oxford Street.

Admission ticket holders will be admitted only at the Jarvis Street entrance and will not be allowed to enter the reserved part of the field.

No one will be allowed to remain between the seats and the ropes.


Holders of reserved seat tickets must show them when they give up their admission tickets at the gate.

The sections back of third base are reserved for season ticket holders. Tickets must be presented at the gate and at the entrance of the section, where they will be taken up.

Season ticket holders must bring their tickets to the game. No tickets will be issued at the box office.

Members of the University will confer a favor on the management by observing these regulations.

ARTHUR P. STONE,Manager H. U. B. B. C.