The Harvard Graduates' Magazine.

A majority of the students are probably already familiar with the Harvard Graduates' Magazine, and to such as are, it can need no further recommendation; but a few words of information will doubtless be welcome to many, and will be but a slight acknowledgement of the service which the founders of the Magazine have done to the University at large.

First, as to the scope of the Magazine. This is perhaps best explained by Mr. Warren K. Blodgett, Jr., '78, in the first number, October, 1892. He says: "Whatever is of interest to Harvard men in connection with their University; whatever will add to the value of the life which began at the University, and which still expresses itself through classes, clubs, and alumni associations; whatever would raise and broaden the ideals of the University itself, must find its most fitting place in these pages."

The Magazine was, of course, primarily intended for the alumni; but it is not for that reason less interesting to the average undergraduate. The interests of the graduate are necessarily with the present of the University as well as with the past, and in consequence the subjects which attract his attention are generally equally interesting to the student body. Important questions which the college papers as a rule treat crudely and unsatisfactorily, are discussed in the Magazine by men of maturer intelligence, whose opinions carry weight with them; and it may fairly be said that the pages of the Magazine afford the best general history of the University, past and present.

For those whose sole, or even whose chief interest, lies in athletics, the Magazine was never intended; but as its aim is to neglect nothing which has a recognized place in University life, several pages of each number are devoted to reviews of the work of the college teams. In addition, the progress of the University during each three months is described by leading professors in the various departments; and the information given with such authority is highly interesting. This part of the work is under the control of Mr. Frank Bolles, and through it the student is best enabled to keep track of the different interests about the University.

The Magazine is published quarterly, subscription price, $1.00.