Football practice yesterday was made eventful by the appearance of Upton '93, who played left tackle last year in the Yale game until he was injured. He is too light for tackle as it is now played, and is trying for end. Stevenson seems to be overstrained, and of course lacks experience. Considerable anxiety is felt about this position, for Captain Hinkey of Yale will play opposite. As Upton is an experienced and a hard player, it is hoped that he may prove the man for the place. He played right end the first half, when Stevenson was put there. He did well for the first time out.

Manahan played again at left tackle, and put up as good a game as on Saturday. Fairchild and Foster exchanged places at quarterback. It was a good thing for them both. Fairchild was driven to work in order to regain his position, while Foster worked hard to remain on the first. Foster did well on interference and ran his team well. Fairchild showed more grit and determination than is usual for him.

Wrightington, Dunlop and Clarke, with Corbett in Dunlop's place in the second half, were the backs for the first. Clarke made the best runs. He scored the only touchdown, running 30 yards unaided by interference, except that Mackie and Newell opened up a hole for him in the opposing rush line. Dunlop had a sore hand and seemed to be afraid of hurting it.

Waters has a lame foot, Gray's ankle is still very weak, and Brewer is still in generally poor condition. This accounts for the fact that the interference was not so good as usual, there being none of the old backs on either eleven, with the single exception of Corbett.

The defensive play was good on both sides, especially the first during the second half, when Mackie and Acton were at guard. There was considerable fumbling, but that was more or less excusable on account of the wet weather.


There was the usual large number of coaches on the field, Stewart, Lake, Porter, Blanchard, and Perry Trafford. This is the first time Trafford has been out to coach. He was warmly welcomed. He paid his whole attention to coaching the guards and their improvement was very apparent.

The teams lined up as follows:


Emmons, left end, Collamore.

Manahan, left tackle, Baldwin.

Manahan, left tackle, Beal.

Parker, left guard, Acton.

Acton, left guard, Parker.

Lewis, centre, Grant.

Winslow, centre, Grant.