Senior Eleven.

Although the ninety-four eleven has now been practicing for several weeks and the men have had ample time to learn to play together, still the general outlook for a good team is anything but promising. The make-up of the first and second elevens is as follows:


Harding, left end, Newman.

Bond, left tackle, McDonald.

Saltonstall, left guard, Cary.


Lee, centre, Richardson.

Williams, right guard, Wilson.

Beals, right tackle, Carter.

Wrenn, right end, Short.

Cabot, quarterback, Earle.

Borden, halfback, Clarke.

Gardner, halfback, Harrison.

Garrison, fullback, Brooks.

Of these new men Beals, Williams, Gardner and Bond have played on the ninety-four team for the last two years, Bond being one year with the 'varsity squad. Year before last four men played: Garrison, Borden, Harding and McDonald. Wrenn and Brooks played last year, the former also in the freshman team and Saltonstall on the freshman eleven. Cabot has played for the last three years.

From the above it might easily appear that the team is very good indeed, for the men have in most cases had plenty of experience and should be able to put up a very strong game. Such, however, is not the case, for though on paper the eleven appears strong, in the field it is decidedly poor. The defense is very weak, especially at the centre and tackle. The tackling is very high and the men show no knowledge of breaking up the interference. In the offensive work the interference is exceedingly loose and very slow to start. Some are in the habit of starting before the ball while others are not soon enough. The blockers fail often to get men out of the play; the whole play is slow, especially in lining up.

It is planned to play several strong teams the first of which will be the Boston Athletic association this afternoon, when it is hoped the eleven will show much improvement.